Insigne Regret After Being Out of Manchester City

Insigne Regret After Being Out of Manchester City

Lorenzo Insigne admits Napoli feel sorry after a 4-2 defeat of Manchester City

Insigne opened the scoring on the scoreboard after 21 minutes of running, but the game changed since Faouzi Ghoulam fell injured.

Jorginho was able to balance things into 2-2 with penalty execution, but City then scored two other goals through two counter-attacks.

“This is an unfair result. We feel sorry, because we had mastered one of the best teams in Europe for some time, “said Insigne.

“We have to use this spirit when we go on Sunday.”

Along with Shakhtar Donetsk beating Feyenoord 3-1, Partenopei is six points behind and that means they should be eliminated from the Champions League.

“We are still confident, because if we continue to play like this, we will get a satisfying moment. There is a sense of regret, but we can win this fight.

“At 2-2, their goalkeepers did a great save and we immediately broke up after that. We have to learn the little things and fix some mistakes. “

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