Woodburn: There is a Great Opportunity to Regularly Show in the Main Team

Woodburn: There is a Great Opportunity to Regularly Show in the Main Team

The young winger of Liverpool, Ben Woodburn has stated that there is a wide open path to play in the first team each week in the future.

Previously the player after lakoni debut against Sunderland has been recorded appear as many as nine games for the main squad in all competitions in both the English League, EFL Cup and FA Cup and also managed to score goals against Leeds United last season.

But after signing a new long-term contract then the 18-year-old’s chance to experience a big game will be more open, as Jurgen Klopp also wants his team of youngsters to play as a starter and Ben hopes he can get the chance.

However, in order to make it happen the player is determined to give the best performance in training sessions and also at the junior level.

“I feel at this club, there is a path to the first team and you have a chance here,” Woodburn told the club’s official website.

“I have played for the first team but I still want more than that. I have to give more, so I want to show what I can do.

In addition, the Wales national team retainer also admitted happy in the team U-19 and U-23 Liverpool is handled by his idol namely Steven Gerrard which is a football club legend.

And Woodburn is determined to give his best appearance as he earns the trust of the 37-year-old man.

“It was good too, obviously I played with the group at a young age but with a coach like Steven Gerrard .. he is the best there is, so that’s good,” Woodburn continued.

“When he plays, where I like other Liverpool fans, he is an idol for everyone by the way he scores gold into team captains. He is the best player.

“He trusted me and obviously has made me a captain for the squad, so I just wanted to show what I can do and hopefully I can give back what he gave me.”

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