Liverpool Legend Predicts MU Games at Anfield Boring

Liverpool Legend Predicts MU Games at Anfield Boring

Liverpool legend Kenny Dalglish predicts Manchester United (MU) match this weekend MU will challenge Liverpool at Anfield Stadium on Saturday (14/10/2017), in the English Premier League continued.

According to Dalglish, Manchester United under the leadership of Jose Mourinho will play defensive. Mourinho is a well-known manager of the ‘Bus Parking’ philosophy. If so, 66-year-old man was predicting the appearance of the Red-nicknamed club would be boring.

“Three years ago, Mourinho came to Anfield with Chelsea doing a good job, no mistakes he made, Mourinho is very professional, and you can not criticize him,” Dalglish said quoted from Four Four Two.

“Last year he brought MU with the same philosophy, but there is no rule that says you can not play defensive tomorrow he will come back again and I think Mourinho will be careful,” he said.

First Match Big Match Game

For Manchester United, the game against Liverpool became the first party against the top 6 English League. “Yes, I said Mourinho would be careful because it’s their first big game,” Dalglish said.

“Mourinho has the ability to figure out how to win the game and if he thinks the best thing is to survive, he will do that, but remember, Jurgen Klopp is not interested in a draw,” the Scot said.

Anfield became one of the most gruesome stadiums in England. In the last three meetings between Manchester United against Liverpool, both teams must play a draw. United last won victory at Anfield in 2015, when it won 3-1 over the Reds.

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