Atletico Vs Chelsea, Diego Costa Wants to Conte Confrontation

Atletico Vs Chelsea, Diego Costa Wants to Conte Confrontation

Diego Costa plans to invite Chelsea manager Antonio Conte to confront Agen Bola Sbobet. The new attacker reunited with Atletico Madrid is intending to do so in the hallway players Wanda Metropolitano Stadium, Madrid.

Chelsea must be visited Atletico Madrid’s last headquarters, in the Champions League group stage match early this morning WIB. Diego Costa can not be downgraded Atletico Madrid, but he will be present in the stands.

As reported by the Mirror, Conte insists no longer have a deal with Diego Costa. Conte is known to have eased the Spanish international from Chelsea through a short message.

The fate of Diego Costa was unclear during the summer, after Conte made sure he no longer used his services. His desire to move to Los Cochoneros hit a transfer embargo from FIFA to Real Madrid’s city club.

The 28-year-old was upset with Conte’s treatment, which wasted him. The plan Diego Costa will go to the Italian coach and ask it in private.

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