Widodo Performance Can Appreciate from Bali United Management

Widodo Performance Can Appreciate from Bali United Management

Manager of Bali United, Yabes Tanuri, said that the performance of Coach Widodo Cahyono Putra very well. Until the 16th week of League I, Bali United perched in fourth position with 29 points pocketed.

Raihan team nicknamed Seridian Tridatu is equal to the number of points bagged Madura United, who occupied the third position. They just lost on goal difference from Madura United.

“Widodo’s performance is very good, as expected, can protect young players,” said Yabes, Monday (7/24/2017), in Denpasar.

Widodo can also integrate the content of European players with local players. Widodo’s ability to make management believes Bali United can be perched on top of the target at the beginning of the season.

“Our target is at the top of the board,” he said.

Mentioned about the differences of coaching style of former coach of Bali Indra Syafri and Widodo, Yabes call both have their own peculiarities. Moreover, players who are now raised Widodo Indra Syafri recruitment.

“Both give a touch of each, nothing flashy,” said Yabes.

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