4 Successors From Michael Carrick

4 Successors From Michael Carrick

Michael Carrick is one of the best midfielders ever to play for Manchester United.

The expert in managing the tempo of the game, having a good vision, as well as good at providing breakthrough feedback, makes Carrick a vital player in the midfield of The Red Devils.

But at the age that has entered the number 35 years, MU would have started to look for a successor from the player. Here are four players who have the potential to be the successor of the player:

1Eric Dier – Tottenham Hotspur
The English-Portuguese mixed midfielder has a bold, loud, and uncompromising style of play. He likes to dribel into the opponent’s defense area, and expert in doing free shots.

Although his style of play with Carrick is not very similar, but he certainly could be a good addition to the Red Devils midfield. The versatility of Dier will certainly be very useful for Jose Mourinho, in addition to the defensive midfielder’s position, the 23-year-old can also play in central defender, wing-back, and central midfield.

Tottenham Hotspur reportedly set the price of 50 million pounds for the player, with Manchester United reportedly continuing to monitor the situation from Dier.

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