Win over Madura United, Bhayangkara FC Ladeni Persela Capital

Win over Madura United, Bhayangkara FC Ladeni Persela Capital

Bhayangkara FC is optimistic to achieve a positive result when they travel to the headquarters of Persela Lamongan, after victory over Madura United.

In sequence, Bhayangkara FC must face two teams from East Java in advanced Liga 1 competition. After Madura United, now the police team will challenge Persela Lamongan at Surajaya Stadium on Monday (17/7/2017) night.

Bhayangkara FC squad has determined to make victory over Madura United with a thin score of 2-1 as initial capital to challenge Persela who will compete in front of his supporters.

“Got left early, but the children then successfully won the game (against Madura United). It can be a good capital for the team to face Persela, “said FC Simon McMenemy Bhayangkara coach in a press conference on Sunday (16/07/2017).

He also claimed to have seen how the game Persela and get some feedback on how the spirit of their match when competing in front of his supporters.

“Persela strong team when playing at home. They look like performing with 12 players, with full support from the supporters. That’s what we have to be aware of in the game, “he said.

In addition to the players who were summoned in the training camp U-22 Indonesia national team, all players Bhayangkara FC said Simon ready to play cons Persela. No player is hampered by injury or has to face card accumulation sanctions.

Laya Bhayangkara FC counter Persela itself will feel special for the figure of Dendi Sulistyawan. Dendi itself is the spearhead of Laskar Joko Tingkir mainstay team last season, but now strengthen Bhayangkara FC because of his desire to become a police officer.

“It must be quite emotional for me personally, because I am big and educated from Persela. If it will be a goal, I will not do celebration, because I respect the supporters here. Moreover, I am also the original son of the region, “said Dendi.

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