Douglas Costa Make Aroma Samba at Juventus Kian Kental

Douglas Costa Make Aroma Samba at Juventus Kian Kental

Douglas Costa has completed the transfer from Bayern Munich to Juventus on Wednesday (07/12/2017) Judi Bola Online.

The presence of 26-year-old winger that increasingly thickens the scent of Brazil in Juventus squad. In the 2016-2017 season, they have Alex Sandro and Dani Alves, who now decided to leave.

Costa also makes the list of delegations in the history of Samba Juventus history longer. Including him, the Bianconeri’s own team has already signed 23 players from Brazil.

Armed with that, Brazil became a non-Italian country that contributed the most to Juventus players. Underneath, there is France with 22 people.

But, given the contribution, Brazil is still classified as less. Twenty-two players before Costa only underwent a total of 795 appearances and contributed 109 goals for Juventus.

Compare with 22 French players who dived 1,654 games and recorded 349 goals clad in uniform I Bianconeri.

Understandably, not a few Brazilian players even tipped flop (failed) when joining Juventus. Take for example Lucio, Hernanes, and Diego Ribas.

Their service period is not long enough. The longest is Rubinho, who underwent a four-year career with Juventus and just a goalkeeper.
Costa was potentially just passing. He only borrowed for one year. If not satisfied with the performance of the player, Juventus can annul the purchase options worth 40 million euros (about Rp 610 billion).

However, Costa does not necessarily feel trepidation with a series of facts compatriot failure. He was eager to leave behind his sweet memories for the Turin team.

“I have realized that Juventus have a great history and I want to work hard to create another history, just like the players have done before,” Costa said.

To make it happen, Costa can learn from Alex Sandro who has proven successful with Juventus.

The owner of the last name becomes an irreplaceable figure on the left side of the team’s defense. Total 75 action dilakoni him since 2015.

Here is a list of Brazilian players who once strengthened Juventus:

Douglas Costa (2017 -…)
Filipe (2017 -…)
Dani Alves (2016-2017)
Net (2015-2017)
Hernanes (2015-2017)
Alex Sandro (2015 -…)
Lucio (2012-2013)
Rubinho (2012-2016)
Gabriel (2012-2015)
Felipe Melo (2009-2011)
Diego Ribas (2009-2010)
Douglas Parker (2005)
Gladstone (2005)
Emerson (2004-2006)
Athirson (1999-2001)
Julio Cesar (1990-1994)
Jose Altafini (1972-1976)
Chinesinho (1965-1968)
Nene (1963-1964)
Dino Da Costa (1963-1966)
Bruno Siciliano (1962-1963)
Nardo (1955-1956)
Armando Miranda (1963)

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